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If you are faced with the disassembly, assembly, or potential relocation of a vertical storage lift or carousel, it may be difficult to know where to begin. There are a number of decisions and preparations that need to be made, but the process does not have to be overly complicated. In this guide, we will provide our best advice on where to begin, as well as the best way possible to get ready for whatever lies ahead.

Who can put together a vertical storage system and who can move it?

When looking to assemble or move a storage system, it is always a safe bet to check with the original manufacturer. However, on most markets, there are also multiple independent companies that work with the assembly and moves of industrial machines. For this reason, it is always a good idea to get price estimates from more than one company. There are some instances in which the manufacturer might not have the resources necessary to adjust to your time plan. Send us your question, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

How much does it set you back?

In most cases, the disassembly, assembly, or relocation of a vertical storage lift or vertical carousel will take between one and three days per unit and will require the services of two technicians. The price range per unit is typically between three thousand and six thousand euros. The price is typically determined by the specification of the storage systems and the degree to which the units in the warehouse or factory can be accessed.

What aspects need to be worked on in advance?

Regardless of whether a vertical storage lift or Vertical Carousel Manufacturer is being moved into or out of your facilities, there are a few things that can be done to simplify both your job and the job of the technician; for guidance, see the following:

Take command of the infrastructure.

  • Changes to your facilities may be necessary in order to accommodate the assembly or move

  • The following checks and balances are often helpful in order to guarantee:Is there any beaming, pallet racking, fire protection, or sprinkler systems that will prevent the assembly from taking place

  • Is there sufficient room to store the vertical lift or carousel either before or after it has been put together

  • Is there a floor that is viable, even, and clean at the location that has been designated for the installation


Have a discussion with an electrician.

The electrification of a vertical storage unit typically necessitates the involvement of a trained and licensed electrician during the installation of a vertical storage system. The majority of the time, all that is required is for the installation location to have the appropriate wiring in place for the operating current.

Packing material

When disassembling a vertical storage lift or vertical carousel, it is common practice to have the packing material delivered to the location where the components are being disassembled. In most cases, a vertical storage system will require approximately 25 EU pallets; however, if you happen to have long and reinforced pallets, you may only need 10–15 of them. In addition to the pallets, we also recommend using straps, laths, and plastic wrap to ensure that the items are packed securely. If you do not have the ability to provide your own packing material, the technicians who are disassembling the unit typically offer this as an additional service that can be purchased if you need it.

Both a scissor and a forklift are available.

When loading or unloading a vertical storage lift or carousel, a forklift with a load capacity of at least 2 tons and preferably more than that amount is required. During the assembly process, it is also helpful to have a forklift that has a lifting capacity of at least three quarters of the total height of the unit. Having a scissor lift that is long enough and tall enough to reach the top of the assembled unit is another requirement during the assembly process. Having a scissor lift that has a platform that is the same width as the vertical storage system is another thing that is highly recommended.

You will be well prepared for a move, assembly, or disassembly if you follow the preparations outlined above; consequently, once the work actually begins, it will likely proceed without a hitch. If you believe that you require additional assistance, you are welcome to get in touch with us by filling out the contact form on this page – or you can simply give us a call.

When it comes to the purchase of a vertical storage system, the question of integration toward the vertical storage lift or the Intelligent Vertical Carousel Manufacturer will come up more often than not; however, what exactly does the term "integration" mean? In this guide, we will make an effort to answer the most frequently asked questions. In anticipation of a possible integration between your system and the vertical storage system, we want to do everything we can to help you gain a deeper comprehension of the situation.

The process of integrating your ERP or WMS with your vertical storage lifts or vertical carousels is referred to as "connecting" the vertical storage system. This is the phrase that is typically used when discussing this process. As a result of the integration, you will be able to automate the transfer of locations, items, and orders from your ERP or WMS, which will result in streamlined logistics with minimal need for manual intervention.

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